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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What is the benefit of working with Scalise Merchant Services    over working directly with a software provider?

We work with many software providers and are expert trained in each application. The benefit for our clients is that we work for you and want to help select the best solution that fits the unique needs of your business. We don’t have sales quotas with any providers. We are an independent company and have nobody to answer to but our clients.



 02  Is Scalise Merchant Services a middleman? Can I get lower rates with my local bank?

No, look at us like your broker. We work with the same processing banks all the community and large bank work with. The difference is we seek out the best one that fits the needs of your business. Our rates are always lower because we know what you should be paying and eliminate any junk fees and negotiate on your behalf for the best deals in the market.




 03  What is a full-service merchant service company?

Most merchant service providers just look to get you on a processor they work with to receive a residual on your payment processing fees. In most cases you never hear from them again after your initial setup and your rates typically increase over time. We are different, we service your account year-round. We see that your rates do not increase from garbage fees, we monitor your PCI compliance to help avoid you with unnecessary monthly charges. We check in with you on a regular basis to make sure all your services are working for the best interest of your business. We inform you of new products or services that may be helpful to the operation of your business. Most importantly, we are are independent company and our clients are always our first priority.



 04  How much does Scalise Merchant Services charge for its services?

We try to get our clients up and running for as little as possible or in some cases nothing. Each client is unique as to what services, software and hardware they need. There may be costs for hardware for your business but there is no charge for the services we provide to earn your business. 




 05  Are there contracts or early termination fees with Scalise Merchant Services?

There are no contracts or early termination fees for payment processing services. We don't believe that any of our clients should have to engage in any sort of long-term contract or impose any early termination fees if they want to move their services. We are confident we will earn your business and keep it on the merit of our company.

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