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Colonial Photo Store Front with staff_edited.jpg
Michael Rausch
Colonial Photo & Hobby, Orlando, FL


“Jason was excellent. He understood our point-of-sale system and fully integrated our payments. Including tokenization for rental and repeat charges. We also got our rates drastically reduced and our fees refunded on purchase returns, something I thought would never happen to a mom-and-pop business.”

David Rivera
George's Camera, San Diego, CA


“Anyone can give you a lower rate or quote. At Scalise Merchant Services, Jason handles all my merchant service needs so I can focus on running my business. Highly recommended!”

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Whaling City Staff.jpg
Dean Festa
Whaling City Athletic Club, New London, CT

"We, at Whaling City Athletic club could not be more pleased with our decision to contract Scalice Merchant Services as our payment processing vendor. Installation was seamless as well as staff training. Jason was onsite throughout the process to ensure the system worked correctly and the staff was comfortable using the card processor. What was most gratifying, is he is knowledgeable is all aspects of the process. We did not have to deal with three or four different individuals. He handled all aspects, from installation through payment processing. Another plus is he is the contact when dealing with any issues. No spending an hour on the phone with a customer service representative. Also, I must note Scalice Merchant Services offered the best rate and when it comes to a small business every dollar counts. I would highly recommend this company whether it be a startup or an update of your present payment processing system."

Julie Martin
Lumenarea, Longmont, CO


"Jason and his team are wonderful to deal with. They always respond to any questions immediately and have been instrumental in updating and streamlining our processes. I highly recommend their services."

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